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Club Rules

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Golf Rules-Playing Privileges:

The course shall be open to all adult members except as follows:

  • Tuesdays-Mixed Golf League as scheduled
  • Wednesdays-Ladies Golf League as scheduled
  • Thursdays-Men’s Golf League as scheduled
  • During special events, as per Club Activities Calendar.
  • Open golf at the discretion of the Golf Professional.

Junior Golfers (under age 18) must be off Number 1 tee by 4:30 during the week. They may not play on Saturday afternoon or all-day Sunday unless accompanied by an adult paying member. This is at the discretion of the Pro Shop attendant, depending on playing pressure on the course.

Junior golfers may play in either the ladies or men’s leagues providing the teams are first filled with adult members.

Junior golfers may play in the following Club Sponsored golfing events:

Club Championship, Presidents Cup, and parent/child tournaments.

In all other Club Sponsored golfing events, golfers must be 18 years of age.

Junior golfers must pass a rules and etiquette test, including cart rules, before playing without an adult.

Minimax handicap cards are required for all league and tournament play. Members must sign up and pay for this service in the Pro Shop.

Membership dues and past amounts due must be paid in full before playing in any league.

Those playing in any league shall abide by the rules as established by that particular league.

Playing Rules and Etiquette:

  1. All play will be governed by USGA rules except where local ground rules may apply.
  2. Each player must have their own bag and set of clubs.
  3. Playing groups larger than foursomes are not allowed except with special permission from the Pro Shop before starting play. Foursomes will have preference at all times. During heavy use days, golfers will be scheduled as foursomes to speed up pace.
  4. All players must have a current membership or pay green fees and register in the Pro Shop before starting to play. Tee times are strongly recommended at all times.
  5. There will be no practicing or instructing on the course. The practice tee and greens are provided for this.
  6. All players must start on Number 1 tee, except with permission from the Pro Shop to start elsewhere.
  7. Divots on fairways must be replaced immediately and all ball marks on greens repaired. Sand traps are to be smoothed upon finish of play.
  8. Slower players must allow faster players to play through, if, at any time, players lost pace and find an open fairway in front of them, they should signal the following players to play through and should not hit until those players have moved out of range.
  9. Non-members may not use personal carts on the course.
  10. Golf bags must be kept off the greens, pull carts should be kept at least ten feet from the greens. Neither should be placed or parked in front of the green. Power carts must remain on cart path near greens.
  11. High heeled shoes, cowboy boots, or other footwear that could be injurious to the putting surface will not be worn on the greens.
  12. When play on the greens is completed, the flag will be replaced at once and all players will leave the vicinity of the green promptly. Scoring should be completed after leaving the green.
  13. All members are asked to police the course. Receptacles for trash are on each tee.
  14. No unauthorized vehicles are allowed on the course.
  15. Please report any trespassers on the course. They may not be aware of the possibility of being hit.
  16. Children of members do not have the privilege of inviting guests to play on the course.
  17. NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE COURSE. Members do not have the privilege of running their pets on the course.
  18. Cross-country skiing is allowed in designated access areas only. Snowmobiles, ATV’s, or any other motorized vehicles other than golf carts and maintenance vehicles ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE GOLF COURSE AT ANY TIME.
  19. ONLY LICENSED DRIVERS MAY OPERATE GOLF CARTS. Underage children operating golf carts must be accompanied by an adult.
  20. The Golf Professional and Greens Superintendent are Course Marshalls and command the respect of all golfers. They will answer only to the Board of Directors.
  22. No bicycles allowed on the course at any time.
  23. Any questions regarding golf course rules, etiquette, or problems not specifically addressed in this handbook should be directed to the Golf Professional, Greens Superintendent, or the Board of Directors.

Rules for Motorized Golf Carts:

  1. Only approved golf carts will be allowed on the course. Any member planning to purchase a cart may request specific information from the Pro Shop.
  2. No carts shall be driven in the area between the Clubhouse and practice green.
  3. Carts will be kept forty feet from greens and off tees. Use cart paths whenever possible. Absolutely no cart shall drive on fairway #3 and #8. The 900 rules shall apply on #5 (only carts with orange flags have exception to this rule).
    *Orange flag requests are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.
  4. For safety of all be cautious on side hills.
  5. Always set the brakes before leaving the cart.
  6. Children without a driver’s license are not allowed to operate golf carts except when accompanied by a responsible adult.
  7. Continued or blatant disregard for the rules governing golf cart use may result in the loss of golfing privileges, cart use privileges, or both.
  8. Owners of golf carts shall be held responsible for any damage to persons or property resulting from the use of their carts.
  9. Only two carts per foursome or one cart per twosome will be allowed unless otherwise approved by Pro Shop.
  10. Only full dues paying members shall be allowed to use private carts.

Revised April 2021