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Club Fees & Dues

Membership Dues & Fees

Full-Membership Annual Dues

  • Individual $825
  • Couple $1,165
  • Family $1,335

(Out of county residents- ½ regular rate)

Social Membership Annual Dues

  • Individual $235
  • Couple $365

(Out of county residents- ½ regular rate)

Junior Membership Annual Dues

  • High School $150
    Student 18 or younger

*Family includes member and their significant other and their unmarried children under the age of 23 who live with the member, are actively attending school, or in the military.
*Out of County members must not rent or own property in Custer County.
*Couple membership includes one adult member and one significant other.
*Significant others are defined as: One adult that is in a relationship with and lives in the same house as member for more than 6 months.
*Each adult member and significant other will be required to cosign all membership forms and will be equally obligated for any charges, fees, fines, and/or penalties attributed to either party and/or their guests.

Additional Membership Plan Options:

  • Individual Range Ball Plan $190
  • Couple Range Ball Plan $245
  • Family Range Ball Plan $285
  • Junior Range Ball Plan $75
  • Individual Golf Cart Plan $300
  • Couple Golf Cart Plan $440
  • Family Golf Cart Plan $500
  • Private Cart Fee $100
  • Private Cart Trail Fee $250
  • Private Cart Storage $250
  • Personal Club Storage $25
  • Range Balls $9 per bucket

Non-Member Golf and Plan Options:

Green Fees:

Weekdays – 9 Holes $29 – 18 Holes $38
Weekends – 9 Holes $33 – 18Holes $44

  • Range Balls $9 per bucket
  • Pull Cart Rental $4
  • Golf Cart Rental $11 per seat
  • Individual Range Ball Plan $190
  • Couple Range Ball Plan $245
  • Family Range Ball Plan $285
  • Junior Range Ball Plan $75

Additional Membership Requirements

Use It or Lose It Policy:

The purpose of the Use It or Lose It is to encourage participation in our member events, food services, and pro shop merchandise. The minimum is $300 for all full memberships and is to be billed yearly. Purchases for pro-shop merchandise, food, beverage, and greens fees for non-member guests will count toward the annual $300 Use-It or Lose-It. If a member fails to meet the Use-It or Lose-It minimum, they will be billed the difference between the amount they have used and the $300.

Capital Improvement Fee:

As elected representatives of the country club, the Board of Directors recognizes its responsibility to see that money be set aside to replace necessary items. The Board of Directors has established a capital improvement fund. Currently, the capital improvement funds are being used to upgrade the course sprinkler system.

The capital improvement account will be funded by a yearly assessment of $120 to all full memberships.

New Members:

A new member is defined as not being a member for 5 years. Dues assessed for the first year will be 70% of normal dues, plus 100% of the Use-It or Lose-It fee, and Capital Improvement Fee.

Equity Shares:

Our equity shares are 100% owned by the Member and offer the opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to family, golf, and entertainment. Members with full equity requirements are the only individuals allowed to vote on club issues.

All full memberships require 5 shares of stock, 3 shares to be purchased the first year, and 2 additional shares the following year.

All social memberships require 3 shares of stock.

Out of county memberships require 5 shares of stock, 3 shares to be purchased the first year, and 2 additional shares the following year for full memberships. Social memberships require 3 shares of stock.

Stock in the Miles City Town and Country Club may be purchased from the Club Manager at $100 per share. Stock Certificates transferred between individual stockholders will be assessed $25 fee per transaction and must have board approval.

Membership Information

Membership dues are annual. A member is required to pay dues before April 1. When joining after August 31, the next years dues are to be paid in full, and the member is granted full club privileges for the remainder of the year. If a member does not pay dues by April 1, membership privileges may be suspended. To rejoin, a member must bring any past dues account current. Any unpaid amounts shall become a lien against the members stock and no transfer will be approved until past due amounts are paid.

Membership year is from January 1 to December 31. Dues plus any past monies due for cart storage, Use-It or Lose-It fees, membership charge account, etc. must be paid before club privileges are instituted.

Membership Privileges

Men’s Leagues:
Thursday afternoon and evening golf league in the summer months and Men’s bridge league during the winter.

Ladies Leagues:
Wednesday evening golf league during the summer and bridge league during the winter.

Mixed Golf League:
Tuesday evenings during the summer.

Member only Club Golf Tournaments:
Cowtown Roundup
Club Championship
Presidents Cup

Rent Waiver:
Rent for use of club for personal events, weddings, receptions, etc. are waived for members in good standing.

Dinners, Dances, and Events:
Member only events as planned by the Social Committee throughout the year.

Charging Privileges:
Members in good standing have charging privileges throughout the clubhouse, however, if Member is more than 30 days past due on account, interest shall be charged at the rate of 18% per annum on the amount past due. If Member is more than 60 days past due, membership privileges may be suspended until the Members account is brought current.

Other Privileges:
Cart storage sheds available to golf members only.
Club storage and lockers available to members only.
Private cart usage on course limited to members only.

Payment Plans:
All members will have the opportunity to pay for any category of membership or service over a monthly payment plan. Payment plans can be set up with the club bookkeeper.

New Member Referral Program:
Any current member in good standing, that refers a new member to join the club, will receive 20% of the new members annual dues as account credit, for the first year of the new membership.